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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diaper Wreath

So I love baby showers! I have had a couple of really good friends have babies in the last couple months and I wanted to share this with you. I've seen some really cute diaper cakes done and I thought about doing one myself, but I wanted something different and wanted some new ideas for decorations and gifts. I came across the idea for a diaper wreath. So here's what you need:

- Wreath form (I got a wicker one from Dollar Tree)
- Diapers in any size (I used size 3)
- clear elastics
- ribbon
- any accessories (I used plastic baby spoons)

  1. Put diaper around wreath form and secure with elastic. Continue all the way around. I alternated the pattern doing one diaper facing forward then the next facing backward and so on.
  2. Add ribbon
  3. Add accessories. I thought of this after the fact and stuck in the spoons because it was what I had on hand. Think how cute it would be with baby toys or shoes and hats. Oh the possibilities!
I think it turned out super cute and not a lot of people have done it! I hope you enjoy!


jeri said...

I love all your items. I have such a talented daughter!

Saged Kathy said...

I am a grandma who got here to check out the skirts from shirts. You are one clever mama. With all the budget problems nowadays slashing Home-Ec. from schools, I am always so happy to know somewhere moms are sewing. Love all the re-dos with furniture, too. Thank you for sharing.

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