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Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Tier Server

Well I'm finally getting around to posting the gifts I made for Mother's Day! I've been spending as much time with my girlies as possible and doing projects like crazy getting things ready for our little the way he's scheduled to arrive in 9 days, but have been so lazy about posting on the blog! Forgive me? I hope so! So let's get back to the post! These are so easy, so cute and were a huge hit! It took a trip to the dollar store for 2 glass candle stick holders and 3 plates. Combine that with E6000 glue and you're ready!

3 Tier Server

  1. Clean and remove all stickers from plates and candle ticks. Let completely dry.
  2. Glue candlestick bottom to bottom of plate. It should look like this:
     3. Repeat step 2 and let those dry overnight.
     4. Glue plates so it stacks 3 tiers high. It should look like this:

     5. Put it in a safe place and let it dry overnight.

And you're done my friends! Simple right? YES! Even my husband loved it and asked if I was making one for us :) of course I was! You may have noticed it on my buffet table when I shared that makeover with you. It was a huge hit and would also make a great gift for a wedding or birthday!



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