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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rapunzel Birthday

I had so much fun planning this birthday party! It was a lot of work, but so worth the look on my daughters face when she woke up the morning of her birthday! If you know me you know I don't like to just buy the store printed table clothes and call it good for decorations. I wanted the sun banners and lanterns everywhere. There was a very helpful blog I came across with ideas that I liked and she even included some printouts!

*If you would like printable versions of the coloring pages (found in google search), sun bunting (found here), lanterns, Flynn Rider wanted poster (found in google search) and frying pans I'd be happy to email them to you. Please contact me at

Now lets get to the party!

I designed her invitations using and an image I found online

I made the sun buntings by stringing them on yarn and adding fabric scraps in between each one.

I made lanterns by printing the design on vellum and put battery operated candles inside. The hanging lanterns have the candles attached by fishing line.

The "hair" is made from crape paper. I cut 9 strands 23 feet long, braided 3 sets and then braided those three together...yes it was time consuming, but once I got my groove it went by a little bit quicker!

The cake turned out to be my favorite part! If you know my you know I'm horrible at cakes so this was a very proud moment for me! I saw this tower using ice cream cones and I can't find where it is! I used a glass platter for the base and put the first layer of frosted cupcakes. Add the next layer of frosted cupcakes (about 8) The actual tower is 2 regular cones hooked together with skewers, a cupcake and a frosted waffle cone on top. Then add the green frosting to look like leaves and vines up the tower. Then add the flowers (from the dollar store) and that's it! 

My little Rapunzel all dressed up and so excited for the party!

We had and assortment of food that was geared towards the movie as well. Braided bread sticks, yellow twizzlers and jello and orange boats.

For entertainment at the party I had coloring pages for when people started getting there, we played pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider and painted pillow cases. It was so much fun and a huge hit with my 4 year old!

*If you would like printable versions of the coloring pages, sun bunting, lanterns, Flynn Rider wanted poster and frying pans I'd be happy to email them to you. Please contact me at




Crazy Wonderful said...

Oh my gosh this is adorable and so well thought out! Judging from the massive grin on her face, she totally approves :)

Tonii said...

What a precious party! I LOVE all the details...down to the jello and orange boats! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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