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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Show & Share {26} and some exciting news!

Hello friends! We got some extremely exciting news for our family....IT'S A BOY!!!! I have 2 beautiful little girls that I love to pieces and now we're so exciting to be welcoming a boy into our home! I have so many plans for painting and decorating the nursery and doing an entire makeover on my girls room, making little bow ties (I mean really is there anything cuter on a little boy than a sweater and bow tie!) I know it's been slow going around here at lil pink pocket and not much happening, but we're entering the nesting period and my house is about to be project central so stay tuned for some big things happening! I know I've mentioned before our tight financial times so the past couple months I've been really focused on my couponing and getting it all organized and a system down that works for me. Thank you for being supportive and I promise to have more craftiness and do it yourself projects coming cause they are piling up in my head :)

Last weeks most view link were these awesome DIY canvas prints from Ginger Snap Crafts

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Exciting news!!!

Anonymous said...

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